A simple game of command line FreeCell

    Language: Java

    In this project, I designed a working copy of one of my favorite childhood games, FreeCell, that runs on the command line. Some of the features I paid attention to were:

  • Ability to move multiple cards between cascade piles
  • Ability to reject invalid moves with warning messages
  • Ability to determine game end with a congratulating message
  • Randomize the start of the game by shuffling the deck before each game
  • Allow users to begin a new game in the midst of a running game

  • Through the process of developing this project, some of the concepts and practices I gained experience with were:

  • Using the Model View Controller design pattern to delegate various functions of the program
  • Designing appropriate interfaces/classes that are easy to build upon but resistant to change
  • Consciously designing interdependence and distinguishing between public, private, and protected functions
  • Developing a program that takes input from users and outputs text on a command line

Code Available Upon Request

This project was developed as part of the Northeastern course Object Oriented Design.

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