A Little Bit About Me

I am a senior at Northeastern University studying Computer Science with a minor in Business Administration. Given the rapid pace at which technology advances and becomes a larger part of our everyday lives, I've always been interested in Software Engineering as a means of positively impacting people's day to day activities.

I currently possess a full year of professional work experience in both full-stack development and DevOps.
Some of my key familiarities include:
Ruby on Rails


Professional Experience

Software Development Co‑op

January - June 2023

  • Developed brand new UI components and enhanced existing ones using Ruby on Rails, Javascript (Stimulus framework), HTML and CSS
  • Designed and implemented the error handling workflow for an external VM connected to our application (logging, monitoring, timeout, etc.)
  • Gained proficiency in a proprietary environment configuration management tool to quickly ensure that features worked consistently between various environments
  • Updated the backend logic for various components in our Advisor Portal application using Ruby on Rails
  • Modified various tables in our database using Rails migrations and PostgreSQL
  • Participated in weekly company meetings and shared the software team's status and current goals for the week
  • Conducted a presentation for the software team on various vulnerabilities that may exist in our application and how to mitigate them
  • Created and presented an in-depth analysis of a vital, proprietary configuration tool used for our application and helped create a guide on how to use it

Software Engineering Co‑op

January - June 2022

  • Utilized Terraform to build and deploy critical infrastructure in both AWS and Azure
  • Helped develop an MSK cluster within AWS and used AWS Sandbox for testing
  • Created essential networking resources in Azure (Virtual Network, Subnet, Load Balancer) alongside security protocols (Bastion, Firewall, etc.)
  • Assisted in designing and developing a microsite for centralized documentation using TypeScript and Docusaurus, and used Yarn and NPM for necessary packages
  • Utilized Jenkins to create pipeline templates for various project types and went through the process of manually configuring required plugins
  • Primarily manipulated code using GitHub and worked with advanced features such as Webhooks
  • Actively configuring a HashiCorp Vault instance with Jenkins and configuring it with a microservice
  • Experience with Agile workflow and pair programming with lead engineers


TricKey Typing

Worked with a team of four to develop and implement vehicles and an associated minigame for the open source game Covey.town.

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Photo Processor

A basic photo processing application that allows the user to apply various filters and effects as well as downscale images.

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A simple game of FreeCell with a randomized deck of cards and the ability to move several cards between cascade piles.

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A simple countdown program that tells you the number of days, hours, and minutes until a certain date. It also allows you to assign a time and name to the event.

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