Photo Processor

A basic photo processing application that allows users to apply various filters and effects as well as downscale images

    Language: Java

    In this project, my partner and I drew inspiration from popular photo processing applications and developed a working photo editor with a GUI. Some of the features we paid attention to were:

  • Ability to upload various image types (PPM, JPEG, PNG, etc.)
  • Ability to apply filters/effects/downscaling
  • Ability to layer images and effects
  • Ability to save and load the entire project
  • Ability to export individual layers
  • Designing an intuitive and user friendly interface

  • Through the process of developing this project, some of the concepts and practices I gained experience with were:

  • Designing graphical user interfaces with Java Swing
  • Practice designing appropriate helper functions when executing a complex function
  • Designing a flexible program that easily enables developers to add features in the future
  • Collaborating with a partner to design code for a single project

Code Available Upon Request

This project was developed as part of the Northeastern course Object Oriented Design.

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